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Richard Pietkiewicz

Richard PietkiewiczRichard has been involved with Reiki and Meditation for over 40 years. His early life wasspent in the far east where he developed his intuitive and simple style of Reiki from thestudents of the original Reiki Masters.

He is committed to providing a gentle and understanding approach to both Reiki andMeditation. Richard is a Volunteer Visitor for the Marie Curie charity, all the profits hemakes from his Reiki treatments and courses are donated to this worthwhile cause.

Apart from Reiki and Mindfulness Meditation he also carries out colour therapy with Reikiand the use of healing crystals. Working to help people who are suffering bereavement,stress, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Also clients who are feeling unableto focus and generally feel out of balance.Richard is a Japanese Usui Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, he holds full liabilityinsurance, an advanced criminal record check (DBS) and is a member of the UK ReikiFederation.

He charges £30 for a Reiki treatment, however to allow a client who are new to reiki heoffers free reiki taster sessions.

info@nottsreiki.com0115 774

£30.00 per session